Physical Assets Investments

Physical assets are tangible assets that can be seen, touched and felt, with a very identifiable physical existence. A physical asset is an item of economic, commercial, or exchange value. Physical assets usually refer to gold, silver, real estate and other commodities.

Gold & Silver Investment

Gold and silver are the two most widely held precious metals that appeal to almost all kinds of investors. From ages, they have been good hedges against inflation. They are highly liquid. Investment in gold and silver can be in physical or non-physical forms. The physical form includes bullion, coins and jewellery. The non-physical form includes futures contracts, units of gold/ silver exchange-traded funds, gold/silver funds and shares of gold/silver mining companies. The units of gold/silver exchange traded funds (ETFs) are listed on a secondary market and investors can buy or sell only through a Demat account, whereas in gold/silver funds, investor need not to carry any Demat account, as they can easily sell their units through mutual funds route.

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Real Estate Investment

Real estate investing uses real estate properties as an investment vehicle and gains profit through a variety of methods. It can be as simple as owning real estate for self-residential purpose, collecting cash flow in rental income, and selling the asset for a higher price due to appreciation. As per the usage of real estate, it may be broadly classified in the following categories:
Residential: Residential structures are properties such as houses, apartment buildings, townhouses and vacation houses where a person or family pays you to live in the property. Even you can use it for your own residential purpose but in that case, it cannot be considered as an investment avenue.
Commercial: Commercial properties consist mostly of office buildings and skyscrapers. One can lease properties to companies and small business owners against rent.
Industrial: Industrial real estate consists of industrial warehouses, storage units, car washes, or other special-purpose real estate that generates sales from customers who use the facility. Industrial real estate investments can often have significant fees and service revenue streams, such as adding coin-operated vacuum cleaners at a car wash, to increase the return on investment for the owner.
Mixed-Use: Mixed-use properties are those that combine any of the above categories into a single project.

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