Investor Meet by Franklin Templeton in association with The Fintellect, 2023

Programme Name: Investor Meet Date: 18th August, 2023 Location: Mirzapur Organized by: Franklin Templeton Investments In Association with: Fintellect Intelligent Financial Services An Investor Meet was organized at Mirzapur by Franklin Templeton Investments in association with Fintellect Intelligent Financial Services, on 18th August, 2023. The programme aimed to educate participants about the importance of mutual fund investments, provide insights into the optimal times for investing and highlight the significance of accounting for inflation while planning for future financial goals. Ms. Chandreyee Banerjee, Relationship Manager, Uttar Pradesh (IWS) & Mr. Himanshu Sirsh, Varanasi Branch Manager, represented Franklin Templeton Investments. It was fortunate enough to have among the gathering, Mr. Rajeev Tiwari, a renowned Mutual Fund Distributor from Gorakhpur as a part of The Fintellect cross-learning campaign. The programme commenced with Ms. Varsha Kesarwani, Sr. Manager – Training (Agency), The Fintellect, welcoming the gathering with her opening remarks. Thereafter, Ms. Ratika Agarwal, Head, Learning & Development, The Fintellect, welcomed the dignitaries for lamp lighting ceremony, followed by felicitating the guests with tokens of gratitude. Ms. Shivangi Kesarwani, Agency Head, The Fintellect gave a brief introduction about the programme’s objective. Mr. Himanshu Sirsh took the investors through a well explained presentation giving them a comprehensive overview of mutual funds, elucidating its various types, risk factors and potential returns associated with each category. Attendees gained a clear understanding of how mutual funds operate and their role in building a diversified investment portfolio. A detailed analysis of the opportune moments to invest in mutual funds was presented. He highlighted the significance of staying invested for the long term and leveraging market trends to one's advantage. Attendees were empowered with the knowledge to make informed investment decisions aligned with their financial goals. A significant portion of the discussion revolved around the critical consideration of inflation when planning for future financial objectives. Attendees were enlightened about the impact of inflation on the purchasing power of money over time, prompting them to adopt inflation-adjusted strategies to safeguard their investments. Mr. Shiv Raj Singh, CFPCM, Designated Partner, The Fintellect engaged the investors into interactive sessions, allowing them to raise queries and clarify doubts related to mutual fund investments and goal-oriented planning. These sessions facilitated a dynamic exchange of ideas and enhanced participants’ understanding of the subject matter. Mr. Deepanshu Soni, Operations Head (Agency), Mr. Masoom Raza, Marketing Head (Agency), Ms. Nandita Omar, Intern – MF Research, Mr. Akshay Sahu, Intern – MF Operations & Sales from The Fintellect - Mirzapur Branch and Ms. Nima Gupta, CFPCM, Sr. Investment Manager, Ms. Jyoti Thapa, BDM, & Ms. Fiza Khanam, Intern – MF Operations & Sales, from The Fintellect - Renukoot Branch, actively participated and volunteered in the programme, without whose support the programme would not have been such a successful one. Esteemed family members of The Fintellect team also graced the occasion for motivating and encouraging them. Ms. Shruti Jaiswal, Designated Partner, The Fintellect presented the vote of thanks to all the stakeholders. Mr. Mantoo Kumar Singh, Designated Partner, The Fintellect got his thanks and congratulations conveyed through Ms. Shruti. The Investor Meet proved to be a resounding success. With approximately 75+ investors in attendance, the event provided a platform for knowledge-sharing and empowerment in the realm of mutual fund investments. Attendees left with a deeper understanding of when and how to invest in mutual funds, along with the imperative consideration of inflation in their financial planning endeavours. Fintellect Intelligent Financial Services expresses its gratitude to all attendees, the esteemed speakers and Franklin Templeton Investments for their valuable contributions to the programme's success.