Real Estate

1) Residential Property

 This investment vehicle provides returns in the form of rent and capital appreciation. Tax rebates are available on interest paid and principal repayment when the investment is through a loan. Further, long-term loans at attractive rates make this investment attractive.

 2) Commercial Property

 For an investor, constructing a commercial complex or buying a shop or office in a commercial complex could offer regular rental income which can be revised upward periodically. Further, the commercial property enjoys capital appreciation over a period of time.

3) Urban Land

 Urban land is perhaps one’s best bet against inflation. The price of urban land has been shooting up in every major city and town. Earlier, most of the population in India was living in villages. But now, it has started moving towards cities for employment purposes. This is one of the major reasons of price increase of urban land.

 4) Semi-urban Land

 Residential land in semi-urban areas is usually available at prices lower than those prevailing in the city. This is usually a converted land in private layouts and has a high potential for capital appreciation as the infrastructure increases and surrounding areas develop.

5) Agricultural Land

 In India, agricultural income from agricultural land is not taxable. Further, agricultural land is exempt from wealth tax too. Appreciation in agricultural land value along with regular income makes it an attractive investment vehicle. Loans are available for agricultural operations at a concessional rate.

6) Time share in a holiday resort

 It is a concept of buying one or two weeks in a holiday resort of one’s choice. If one doesn’t use a certain week, one can rent it or accumulate it. The value of a time share appreciates like any other property does. Another advantage of this concept is that the outlay of money is modest and affordable.

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