Valuable insights and interactions at the Fund Manager Meet of SAMCO Mutual Fund

Ms. Ratika Agarwal, Head, Learning & Development at Fintellect Intelligent Financial Services was privileged to join the exclusive gathering of Mutual Funds Distributors fraternity, organized by SAMCO Mutual Fund at The Lalit Mangar, Faridabad, on April 27th, 2024. She attended this regional business meet alongwith Mr. Anand Jethwani, Business Associate, The Fintellect, who enthusiastically participated in the event by diving into the discussions on market outlook. Engaging with Mr. Umesh Kumar Mehta, Chief Investment Officer and Mr. Paras Matalia, Fund Manager, offered unparalleled perspectives on investment strategies. On behalf of The Fintellect, she sought their valuable insights on Fixed Income Securities, stressed situation in Middle East countries, rising oil & gold prices, the upcoming elections in India. It was very fruitful to indulge into the one-on-one interactions with the CIO & Fund Manager. Mr. Ankit Gupta, BDM, Lucknow & Mr. Rishi Dhawan, North Head from SAMCO Mutual Fund were very welcoming and their hospitality added to the enriching experience.